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Published Books

' Working with Sarah is truly a dream come true! She is such a talented artist and has a kind and gentle demeanor, bringing sunshine to everything she does!" Jo Dodd, author. 

Dear Mama Bear with the F*cked Up Hair by Jo Dodd Illustrated by Sarah Lovell

A one of a kind picture book for mums, telling a poignant story of motherhood, designed to make you feel a little less alone and more seen.

Why the Sky is Blue by Matt Byrne Illustrated by Sarah Lovell

A heartwarming tale of friendship, community spirit and ladders! Words by Matt Byrne, illustrated by Sarah Lovell

The Secret Adventures of Boomer and Rang by Joseph and Jo Dodd Illustrated by Sarah Lovell

Join Billy and Bob, the incredible time- travelling twins, on an unforgettable journey through time! This exciting chapter book is written by 11year old Joseph Dodd and his mom, Jo Dodd. You'll experience adventure , humour and lots of sibling rivalry. Illustrated thorughout by Sarah Lovell.